CLS at Teachers College, Columbia University


The Coalition of Latin@ Scholars (CLS) was founded in Spring 2001 by a group of Latin@ students that felt the need to address interests and concerns of the Latin@ community at Teachers College, Columbia University.


The mission of the Coalition of Latin@ Scholars (CLS) is to encourage and promote Latin@ scholarship while fostering a supportive community of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni at Teachers College, Columbia University. To fulfill this mission, CLS coordinates various events throughout the academic year, including a yearly EnVisions Conference which seeks to provide information to interested students about the graduate school admissions process.

As a student-led organization, we seek opportunities to cultivate relationships with the array of cultures, traditions, and organizations that form the Teachers College community.  We promote awareness and knowledge of academic, social, political, and cultural issues that concern Latin@s and we proactively engage in efforts to further an equitable, diverse, just, and progressive educational experience.


In compliance with the mission statement, CLS seeks to fulfill the following goals through the many programs and events that are organized from year to year.

  • Promote Latin@ scholarship
  • Outreach and recruit prospective and enrolled students
  • Foster a supportive community among Latin@s
  • Enrich the TC community with Latin@ culture and traditions
  • Promote advancement and awareness of Latin@ effort
  • Coalesce different groups and organizations at TC and other Columbia schools
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One thought on “CLS at Teachers College, Columbia University

  1. Hello,
    My name is Marisol Castellano and I am a latina who would love to be a part of the Coalition of Latino Scholars. I have an associates degree in Math and Science and am graduating in the upcoming year with a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies/ Psychology. My desire is to get into the Industrial Organizational doctoratte program in in Baruch. Please let me know how I can join this wonderful coalition. My email is

    Thank you,
    Marisol Castellano

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